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About Robyn

My hunger for the stories hidden behind well-known historical events was ignited by a much-loved history teacher. She had us read Josephine Tey’s ‘Daughter of Time’, about who really killed the Princes in the Tower. The underlying premise? The stories we learn are those told by the victors—and might not be true.

​The next major influence was when, as a young mother of six very busy small people (who all arrived in a nine-year period), I attended a book reading in my local library. As I walked out, I said firmly to the current baby and his three-year-old sister, ‘One day I’m going to be a writer!’ But the years went by in a blur of nappies, child chaos and busyness—with no head space for writing.

​Some years later, life tumbled me into what became a 31-year career as an international time management specialist and keynote speaker. During that time, my writing dream become reality, with many hundreds of articles and regular columns in diverse publications, plus the eight books on time and productivity-related topics you’ll find elsewhere on this site.

​Through all those busy years, the hidden stories of long ago continued to nag at the corners of my mind. I’ve now handed my corporate work to my clever daughter-in-law, Lauren Parsons, which frees me up to delve into historical fiction writing.

 What drove people to leave their known worlds and brave incredible hazards in the search for freedom? I love these amazing stories—almost all driven by the dream of a better life.

The third in the Freedom Series is nearly finished, and many more titles are hustling me!