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Getting A Grip On Planning and Prioritising ONLINE

People around the world have been begging me to get my content on to an online platform.


So you want to use your time better? You’re probably feeling overloaded, over-whelmed, over-worked – and a few other ‘over’ words! Attendees at my courses and speeches around the world list Planning and Prioritising as one of the main things they constantly struggle with. Think of these four modules as Time Management 101 – once you get your planning and prioritising mastered the many other aspects of improved productivity become much easier to learn and implement.

Overview of the Curriculum:

Part 1: Giving Time to the Things that Really Matter

Part 2: The Critical Part That Goal Setting Plays In Excellent Time Skills

Part 3: How to Beat the Curse of Urgency by Tapping into your Proactive Power

Part 4: How To Do Weekly and Daily Power Planning

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In nearly 30 years of intense study of this topic I’ve never met a time-struggler who already applies good planning methods consistently. However – I’ve met many high-performing people who live and die by these techniques or something similar. And – the techniques are fast and simple.

Some Pointers for this Course

This course is a combination of readings, video, and written activities in your downloadable workbook. Each module is designed to be quick, punchy and take no longer than 20 – 30 minutes. (This will vary depending on how much time you choose to invest in background reading and reflective writing.)


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