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About Time Ebook

About Time Ebook

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About Time! is divided into 12 sections:

  • Prioritising and planning
  • Procrastination
  • Working efficiently with others
  • General time management strategies
  • Managing the phone
  • Computer shortcuts
  • Email management
  • Paper-handling
  • Meetings
  • Managing the home-based office
  • Travel time
  • Balancing work and family

You’ll find it very easy and quick to find help in whatever area you’re currently challenged by, using the comprehensive index and the bulleted key point lists.

What other readers say about About Time:

‘I keep ‘About Time’ in my car and dip in whenever I’m waiting for my kids. Pure gold!’ Susannah Bernstein, Lawyer and mother.

While fixing a computer for a colleague I noticed your book, started perusing, and then borrowed it. Can't wait to try some of the ideas! 
Debbie Webb, IT Helpdesk Supervisor

‘Really practical tips on how to manage time better and – most importantly - THEY WORK!’
Christine Miller, Editor, ReSource Magazine, UK.

‘Really educational and practical advice in easy-to-read format.’ Tony and Chris Allan, New Zealand. ‘Fantastic hints which I have used as a health promoter across the lifespan’.
Lyn Burns.

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