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Getting a Grip on Business Meetings Ebook

Getting a Grip on Business Meetings Ebook

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If you're tired of wasted time in badly run meetings, here is your answer.

Meetings fill a vital role in modern communication. They’re an essential part of business life. However, a huge amount of money and time is wasted with unproductive and poorly run meetings. CEOs spend an average of 69 percent of their time in meetings, the average person spends three to five years of his or her life attending them, and about 50 percent of the time is wasted!

Time Queen Robyn Pearce has worked in many countries, helping people find more time. How to run effective meetings is a regular request in every industry and company, no matter what country.

  • In this practical book, jammed full of easy-to-apply tools and techniques plus case studies to inspire you, you’ll learn things such as:
  • The time-saving strategies that saved Kate eight hours in just one week (and you can apply them today!)
  • How to never be late for meetings again
  • How to manage late-comers (even if they’re the boss!)
  • Smart techniques to improve agendas and minutes
  • The simple strategy to make sure everyone’s attentive
  • Learn the secret to stopping side-conversations
  • … and much much more!
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