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Getting A Grip On Parenting Time Ebook

Getting A Grip On Parenting Time Ebook

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SECTION I: Start as you mean to go on – reflections on effective parenting
SECTION II: Top-level habits for better family-time effectiveness
SECTION III: Time out for frazzled and exhausted parents
SECTION IV: Tips and techniques for daily efficiencies
SECTION V: Fast and healthy food – yes, you can have both at the same time!

Bonus sections:

SECTION VI: A few observations on technology overuse
SECTION VII: Raising teenagers without pulling your hair out
SECTION VIII: Time management tips for everyone, not just parents and caregivers

What Readers Say

Parents have so much information and advice to wade through, that to hear from a wise, sensible, funny and practical Mum and Grandma like Robyn, is very refreshing and helpful. Parents will pick up her book and find themselves nodding, feeling encouraged and empowered to make little and significant changes. This book offers interesting and practical tips from start to finish and includes current research.

‘Robyn is “passing the baton on” in this wonderful book – her thoughts and reflections make absolute sense, are good for families and relationships and can be used in any family, no matter what size or shape.’ Jenny Hale, The Parenting Place.

This book is Robyn’s finest work to date. With her tribe of children and 17 grandchildren as evidence, Robyn has cleverly combined her professional acumen with her experience of life to produce this won­derfully practical parenting handbook. Yvonne Godfrey, Founder of MIOMO (Making It On My Own), host parent on reality TV show, The World’s Strictest Parents, author of Parenting Yadults  How to Set Up Your Young Adult for Independence and Success in Life!

 Another great informative read from the Time Queen. Robyn has woven her personal parenting experiences and observations with lessons learned from others to produce a book of great tips, advice and learning. This book will challenge your assumptions and parenting style to strengthen your bond between you and your child. I will be personally using some of the superb tips to become a better parent to my two children. Karen Tui Boyes, Spectrum Education. Educator, Speaker & Author.

 This book has common sense, practical advice that all parents can relate to, with lots of easy tips which can be incorporated into our daily routine. I look forward to sharing the ideas. Linda Venables, Regional Manager, Radius Residential Care, New Zealand.

 Robyn’s many years as a mother and grandmother means she writes from her personal experiences, rather than basing her work on the sec­ond-hand telling of episodes and events of others. Her book should be essential reading for all parents, no matter their age. Phillipa Challis, Live Life Laughing, Australia.

What a heap of wonderful and VERY practical observations, suggestions and useful advice, supported by research, to guide even the most confused parent and every family, regardless of age and stage of children, (even for grannies!). All presented in a very readable style – exactly what you would expect from Robyn. I loved the concept of computer dollars. What an easy way to reinforce the idea that family life is made up of responsibilities as well as privileges. And sick of your children whinging because they’re not getting what they want? Check out Lesson 19 on lessons learnt from the French. What a pity Robyn wasn’t writing when I was bringing up my children – I would have had a lot more answers! Anna Ryan, Ryan Publications.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful, thoughtful, insightful tips. I think the biggest benefits from reading your book is knowing that I’m not alone in this crazy juggle, and that someone has taken the time to test, measure & report quicker and more time effective ways of getting all those routine but vitally important jobs done. You’ve shaved minutes of work from each of my days, and I’m so proud I’m finally getting a handle on it all. Helen Faulkner, The Saddle Camp, Australia.

Robyn has provided practical tips and suggestions for saving time and managing children. Her experience with her own tribe clearly shows through and she has found tips and suggestions from a wide range of other sources. Even if you don’t agree with all of Robyn’s advice, each point she makes invites discussion and deep thought for the reader and their parenting community. A good read to dip in and out of, and excellent references for other reading. Highly recommended. Lisa Rose, mother of six and blogger.

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