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Getting A Grip on the Paper & Email War Ebook

Getting A Grip on the Paper & Email War Ebook

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How often do you stop at your desk, look at the teetering piles of paper and either threaten arson or feel like hiding?

The paper and information war is fought by millions of people every day – and you can win it!

Here’s the thing: every piece of paper, email, information and equipment lying around is a symptom of a decision not made or an action not completed!

And, clearing out that mess is the fastest stress reducer in town!

Let Robyn Pearce, international time management specialist, mother of six children and grandmother of seventeen (often called the Time Queen by her happy clients), show you simple ways to beat the chaos in your office. (The same methods work brilliantly for your home as well.)

Some techniques she learnt as a librarian in her first career, others are methods she used to survive the mayhem of six small children, all arriving in a nine year period, and the rest she’s developed as she works with clients around the globe.

This immensely practical book is one of her most popular titles. It’s been completely updated in 2019 and is now available in digital format.

In ‘Getting a Grip on the Paper and Email War’ you’ll discover:

  • Fast easy ways to handle paper & electronic information
  • Ideas on efficient filing systems
  • Less clutter screaming, ‘Deal with me now!’
  • Methods to read faster and reduce your reading piles
  • Efficiency tips for your home office
  • How to deal with email overload, using simple but little-used techniques
  • … and much more.
    You won’t believe how different you’ll feel, once you’ve applied Pearce’s simple but life-changing techniques, all delivered in a light-hearted and very practical way. The most common thing happy clients and readers say is ‘I’ve got so much more time now!’And you’ll get much, much more.

    Unlock your true potential with Pearce’s easy-to-follow guide. Grab your copy now.


What others are saying about Getting a Grip on the Paper & Email War:

This book is Robyn's finest work to date. With her tribe of children and 17 grandchildren as evidence, Robyn has cleverly combined her professional acumen with her experience of life to produce this wonderfully practical parenting handbook.
Yvonne Godfrey, Founder of MIOMO (Making It On My Own), author & host parent on reality TV show, The World's Strictest Parents.

What a heap of wonderful and VERY practical observations, suggestions and useful advice, supported by research, to guide even the most confused parent and every family, regardless of age and stage of children, (even for grannies!). All presented in a very readable style - exactly what you would expect from Robyn. I loved the concept of computer dollars. What an easy way to reinforce the idea that family life is made up of responsibilities as well as privileges. And sick of your children whingeing because they're not getting what they want? Check out Lesson 19 on lessons learnt from the French. What a pity Robyn wasn';t writing when I was bringing up my children - I would have had a lot more answers!
Anna Ryan, Ryan Publications.

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