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Getting a Grip On Time Management Ebook

Getting a Grip On Time Management Ebook

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Having trouble finding time to get all your work done? Tired of endless interruptions?

Does your day just seem to slip away? Are you constantly overwhelmed and exhausted – sometimes for weeks at a time?

 Let Robyn Pearce, international time management specialist, mother of six children and grandmother of seventeen (often called the Time Queen by her happy clients), show you the tips and strategies that helped rescue her from frustration and burnout in her prior life as a top-selling but exhausted realtor.

Once Pearce sorted her own time challenges, clients started beating a path to her door. Now, 30 years on, she changes the lives of readers and clients all over the world, sharing dozens of time saving tips, tools, original templates and checklists. In this updated and fully revised edition of her first book, best-selling ‘Getting a Grip on Time’, you can get your hands on her most up-to-date techniques and secrets for effective living.

In ‘Getting a Grip on Time Management’ you’ll discover simple but little-used ways to beat overwhelm, distractions and exhaustion caused by all the usual time challenges. You know them – too many interruptions, too many emails, procrastination, poor delegation, too much paperwork and admin.

And you’ll get much, much more, all delivered in a light-hearted and very practical way.

The huge benefit is that, using Pearce’s unique diagnostic tool and methods, you’ll be equipped to solve your problems with ease. Her easy-to-read-and-apply techniques will save you precious minutes each day. As the minutes add up to hours, you’ll have more time to enjoy doing what you love most.

Unlock your true potential with Pearce’s easy-to-follow guide. Grab your copy now.

What other readers say about Getting a Grip on Time Management:

Thank you, Robyn, for updating your book. It was easy to download onto the app on my phone and made great reading with its updated content for the 21 st century. It was a timely reminder for me as I enter a new stage in life with different time management requirements and pressures. Your advice is relevant and motivating and I have given it to my 23-year-old as he enters a new stage in life after completion of his degree. I recommend this to anyone who feels that there is less time in the day than they would like or want to make better use of their time.
Charlotte Lockhart, MNZM, Co-Founder, 4 Day Week Global. (5 star Amazon review)

Reading Robyn's revised and updated "Getting a Grip on Time Management" was like reading an autobiography. Robyn writes almost as if she is talking to you, using her life story to help you get control of yours. This writing style makes the book very “readable.” We learn through her experiences, so we don’t have to make the same mistakes she did before standardizing her system. The new case studies are quite helpful as I can relate to the experiences of the people she quotes. Much to my surprise, Robyn’s simple system provides direction to help the reader set goals and focus – to get things done more expeditiously. Another thoroughly enjoyable and helpful book by this author!
Michele Z. (5 star verified purchase Amazon review)

I have found this book to be really useful and full of great information that is easy to implement. I have made many small changes thanks to Robyn and they really make life easier. She takes a complicated subject and distills it into easy to remember pieces of advice. I would thoroughly recommend any of Robyns' books.  
Laureen Goodger. (5 star verified Amazon review)

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